Some early Christmas presents

Well, that’s one down, two to go before we can all descend into home-Christmas madness. In celebration of todays quite happy Magpie Market, here’s some gift tags. Print’em, cut’em out and hang’em on stuff!

Freebie time!

Also downloadable as a handy sheet of 12 tags.

Happy Winter!


Bookplate, pasted
Ooooh… I like me a nice bookplate. I don’t know why it’s never so far ocurred to me to come up with my own (I’ve always stuck to stickers or just handwriting my name in the book), but when I saw a link to this nice little tutorial on how to paste a bookplate into a book on the Craft: Blog, I dropped everything and got my pens out.

So here’s the result. And of course I’m happy to share the love, so feel free to downloade them singly or ready to print as a sheet of nine (about 18x25cm, so should go on either letter or A4 size paper).

Book plates