Stories with pictures

Alright, people. I guess I need to tell you about this. I wrote a book! Like, not a real book. A comic. It’s got a story in it. With a beginning and an end, and stuff in the middle. And a couple of goodies and a couple of baddies, and all those sort of things.

angry copy.jpg

This is the main character, Hala. She goes on a sort of adventure. It is impossible to put into words how weird I’m being about actually talking about this.

Several years ago I decided I would never be a comic artist, because I’m no good at coming up with stories. Back during my apprenticeship, a few friends and I did a comic about two rabbits, Zwill + Inge. Scan 6.jpeg

(This is one of the later attempts, the beginnings looked much less impressive. I found this recently trying to throw out some of the old crap I have lying around). At the time I liked the idea of keeping this going and making it into something, but the plots were a real struggle.

So eventually, I did other stuff instead. Then last year I surprised myself by spending one morning in bed frantically texting myself the story I had just thought of. At the moment, it looks like this:


I’ve not got a title design yet, partly because I’ve let my crazy ideas run away with me, and partly because other stuff is trying to take over. But eventually, there will be a finished thing and you’ll be able to look at it in all it’s weird-ass glory. I hope you’re excited.

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