Für Frieden und Sozialismus


I’ve always had a soft spot for the modern propaganda-type arty stuff (technical term) that was used in the former GDR (and other communist countries, no doubt), for general decoration. Might be ‘Ostalgia’, but I just like how positive they mostly are. (Brainwashed? Me?)

No, but seriously, the colourful crazy geometric thing a lot of them have going on, is really beautiful. And I kinda like the message that, you know, workers and farmers are actually an important part of society, and that if we all do our bit, stuff can be achieved. I think there’s a definite lack of inspirational murals in current architecture.

So recently I came across a stained glass window I must have seen before but had forgotten about. Unfortunately all the photos I took of it with my phone are crap, so I’m showing you the wee pidgeon it inspired, above, instead.

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