Fol rol de ol rol

That Maker Faire was *amazing*! So much fun! I spent most of the day showing people how to crochet hyperbolically (and stroking yarn. Oh! The yarn!)

Aside from the fun that was had showing off, I also lucked out big time in the finding-stuff-department. Biggest bonus of the day was receiving some of Euan Lind’s Construction system to play with. We’ll have to give it back eventually, but in the meantime we’ve already had some fun constructing birds, rockets, telescopes and various forms of satellites.

More important for the purposes of this post, however, was the finding of a handful of most excellent plastic flies, which got me thinking about smelly trolls. Which promptly came into existence.


Yay for trolls! (Though at the moment I’m green with beard-envy.) I’m currently still tweaking them a little bit, but they should show up at a market before too long.

More trolls

More trolls


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